Dean Dot Dog

Pandemic POV

March 25, 2020

I’ve always thought that a bike is the best way to explore a city, and when non-essential car trips are banned, all the better. With greatly reduced traffic, the city has never been better for biking. I did a loop around SF trying to hit spots that are normally pretty bustling and just see what the city looks like right now.

Some neighborhoods still had cars and people about, albeit less than usual. But areas further from where people live, like the Embarcadero or Fisherman’s Wharf, felt eerily abandoned. I tried to appreciate seeing this empty view of the city as something special that I may not have the chance to see again.

More so than the emptiness, seeing all the boarded up storefronts felt the strangest to me. On the bright side, biking down Lombard street with no cars is a ton of fun!

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